“I wanted to put my eye in there”: JR on his collaboration with the New York City ballet

Originally posted on TED Blog:

Artist JR’s latest project turns the floor of the David H. Koch Theater, home of the New York City Ballet, into a swirl of bodies. For it, JR photographed the company’s dancers and assembled their portraits into a 6,500-square-foot mural that stretches the length of the lobby. Walking on the floor is surreal, as each dancer appears life-sized below your feet. But stand in a balcony and you see a whole new reality: that the dancer’s bodies converge to form an eye.

We spoke to JR about this unique work, which is on display now. Read on for a few shockers — like that JR only saw his first ballet in 2013, and that he is now choreographing one.

What was your experience with ballet growing up? Was it a form you know well, or something that seemed foreign to you?

You know, I’d never gone to a ballet before…

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